The Sculpture Table Collection combines contemporary table design with multiple hand-made sculptural forms. Organic textural forms inspired from nature are combined with wood, metals & glass integrating elementsof the environment with the interior personal space of the home as functional pieces of art. After initially sculpting the shapes out of clay, rubber molds are made for duplicates of an acrylic copolymer resin. Each piece is then painted by hand using acrylic paints and metal powders to imitate bronze or pewter sculpture . Custom sculptural shapes and coloring available upon request. The wood bases are available in Maple, Cherry, or Dark Walnut.
Custom and exotic woods and stains are available.
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The Tables with Italian Glass Collection are tables inset with beautiful, sparkling Italian Glass tiles. Tables made with transluscent Italian Waterglass is especially beautiful when lit from below. Illumination packages are available with some designs. Standoffs come in brushed stainless, satin copper, black nickel, brushed brass, matte or polished chrome. Tables are offered with or without standoffs and glass. Glass can have a polished or random cut art edge. Wood species available are Walnut, Maple, or Cherry. Custom and exotic woods are available upon request.

The Zen Table Collection is a study in simplicity & balance meant to inspire harmony and individual expression in a functional piece of art. The ratio & dimensions of each shape is in perfect balance and harmony with one another. The center area is left open for your imagination to fill. Shown below are examples of what can be ordered from Merle Art & Design in any custom color or design or create your own space with personal elements, art, or memorabilia.

Custom and exotic woods available upon request and will be priced per project.

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