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Showroom Mobile

designed with stylized window shapes & colors

Window World, America's largest replacement window and remodeling company commissioned Architect Bob Mastriana of The 4M Company Architects,
for a complete & dramatic remodel of their showroom in Akron, Ohio. A featured element of the design was a central Pyramidal Cathedral tower. Bob felt that the large interior space of the tower offered an opportunity for a dramatic art element in the form of a mobile. My final design involved various geometric "window" shapes with subtle splashes of color. The installation not only represented the business' product in an art form but provided a dynamic and exciting experience upon entry into the beautiful Award Winning newly designed Window World showroom.

Original Concept & Design (Showroom with Mobile)



Window World showroom, Akron, Ohio - featuring Pyramidal Cathedral Tower

Awarded Top Window World Showroom in the Nation
(over 200 locations nationwide)

Mobile in newly remodeled showroom Light casting shadows expand and project shapes

View from below


Project Development


Shape and layout design
Small "Mock-up" Models
Adding subtle accent colors for interest

Installation Day

Installers on scaffolds 40 ft. high begin the harrowing, expert! installation one element at a time. Each piece was designed to perfectly balance, compliment, and avoid the other in order to form a perfect composition.


Grand Opening

Congratulations to the owners of Window World
Patrick, Fred, & Pat Moran