Italian Glass Tiled Sculpture

My client had an open space at the end of a built-in wall unit. She wanted a contemporary piece of art that would add interest and drama to fill the space but not close it off completely. I designed a rectangular sculpture that stood within the space with geometric openings and painted metal elements that floated above the surface. I covered it with Italian glass tiles and mounted it in base of black granite. Since the piece is viewed from both sides I repeated but alternated the metal elements on the opposite side adding interest to the openings. Each geometric shape was hand painted with many layers of acrylic paint and sparkling metallic pigments making each composition its own individual abstract painting. There is space all around and through the piece giving it an open airy feeling in spite of it's overall dramatic and impressive presence.




Digital Design

Each project is designed and represented digitally so that the client can see almost exactly what their piece will look like once it is created and installed. This piece turned out to be much more beautiful than we even imagined!