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Metal Sculpture - Signage for Corporate Headquarters

Metal Sculpture - Signage

Steve Koneval, Vice President of Roth Bros. Inc., sought the talents of Youngstown Architect, Robert Mastriana of The 4M Company Architects, to refashion their corporate headquarters. His vision for the outdoor signage was to create a "work of art" reflective of the company's recent innovation, growth, and success. With collaboration among the design team (Roth Bros, The 4M Company and Merle Art Design) and Roth's engineering expertise in metal work, the result was simply spectacular. The design incorporated sculptural forms weaving and flowing with one another creating interesting fluid angles and edges. Its impressive size and reflective material offered a magnificent backdrop to the Roth logo, which became an element of art in itself and an impactful statement of the Roth brand.

Roth a Sodexo Company
Merle Bouffard & Robert Mastriana

Road View
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Organic fluid shapes create interwoven sculptural forms

Parking Lot View
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Original Signage
Model I used to design the original shapes
George Kiraly - Shop Project Manager All metal work was done in Roth's own fabricating department using materials used in the manufacture of Roth products.
Directed by Robert Mastriana, Steve Koneval and George Kiraly, the unique, complicated construction was a feat of achitectural genius!

The Finished Result
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A spectacular statement to the vision, achievement, and future for Roth a Sodexo Company.
Good Luck! and thanks for the opportunity to be part of such a fantastic project!