Phoenix Rising Sculpture
in Metal, Glass & Wood


The owners of the Phoenix Firegrill & Bar (Canfield, Oh.) wanted to make a dramatic statement as patrons entered their new restaurant. I was commissioned to create a signature piece of art to be prominently displayed in the main dining area. The Phoenix had to perfectly combine it's mythical nature with an aggressive attitude in a southwest atmosphere. The final design and the natural materials of wood, steel, and copper, featuring metallic reflective glass tile mosaic perfectly captured all elements.


Original Digital Design

Each project is designed and represented digitally so that the client can see almost exactly what their piece will look like once it is created.

    I visualized a layering of objects.I began by cutting a wooden outline of flames that The Phoenix so famously rises from.
The feathers cut from steel
Each piece was colorized with patinas to bring out coppers, colors and iridescence.
The steel feathers were further enhanced with metallic pigment.
Additional feathers were cut from copper then enhanced with colored dyes.
The Phoenix began to take shape when I nailed each feather to a wooden frame.
Cutting tight shapes with a scroll saw.
The feathers are all attached. Now it is time to create the body. Special glass tiles were ordered from Italy that reflected a beautiful copper and gold metallic.
The body of The Phoenix is taking shape in beautiful glass mosaic.
The Phoenix is finally rising in the main dining room at The Phoenix Firegrill & Bar. The glass, metal, and metallic paints are aglow with reflected light!
Good Luck and many years of success to the owners of The Phoenix Firegrill & Bar in Canfield, Oh.!