Marble Mosaic

Inlaid Floor

My clients were building a spectacular "home of their dreams" in a beautiful location on a lake. The wife obviously had an "artist's eye" and impeccable taste. Every element in the home was of the finest quality and had a special artistic touch. She wanted nothing less for a foyer hallway leading to her kitchen and family room next to three doors that faced the lake . The result was three gorgeous area marble mosaics inlaid into marble tile that was not only a strikingly beautiful passageway but a personal reflection of the family as well.
The Story

Hallway under construction

Initial Artists Rendering

Initial Artists Rendering
The final design reflected the Tuscan/Designer style of the home using natural earth tones and colors used in the adjoining family room. After speaking to the owner I decided to include design elements of "three" and blue birds that I knew had personal meaning to the family.

Using three life-size color printouts as a guide, our work began.

Anna Marie Newman

Kathleen NcNally

What a "Fashion Statement"!

It was dusty and noisy work but we were prepared. With face mask, ear pads, goggles, and "babushka", we just had to look at each other and laugh.

Anna enlisted her daughter Emily to help

Emily Newman

Merle Bouffard

It was slow and tedious work. Luckily I had help from fellow artists and perfectionists, Anna Marie Newman and Kathleen McNally. Special thanks to Emily who came in one day on college break!

Belt Sander,Wet Saw

Wet Band Saw

Wet Saw

Drill Press



Shower Cap! Yikes!!!
Making intricate patterns with marble took a lot of time, tools, and patience....times three!!! Little by little the elements took shape.




owner, Pete Johnson, Merle Bouffard,
Tom Colarich,
JC & Allison (not shown)
Special Thanks

All would not be possible without the beautiful materials, workspace, and help from Architectural Ceramic Products (Summitville Tile)

Finally, all three mosaics were complete, face mounted and ready to be delivered!
The Finished Product

The mosaics, expertly installed by master craftsman, Tom Krepps, were stunning laid into beautiful marble surrounding tile. What a beautiful passageway with a personal touch. We are so proud to have a part in one of the most beautiful, tastefully done homes in the area and wish the owners many wonderful years enjoying their "dream home".