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Marble Mosaic Backsplash
My greatest thrill as an artist is that occasionally I'm invited to create elements in some of the finest homes in our area. This newly built lake front home had the look and feel of Old World Europe. Every detail was chosen for quality and with meticulous taste. For her backsplash, the owner had chosen an elegant design to be recreated in marble. Her vision was to have the enduring beauty and richness of marble mosaic but with colors subtle enough not to compete with the many other outstanding features in her home. The result was magnificent and one of my favorite projects to date.
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The Story

Artist's initial digital rendering

Printed template

Each piece of marble is cut and placed individually by hand using the printed template as a guide.

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Close-up of loose ungrouted mosaic in production.
Completed mosaic is secured with tape in the front and mesh on the back for safe transport and easy installation
Master craftsmen Eric and Glenn from Fusillo Flooring put every tile perfectly in place.
Subtle and elegant! The perfect compliment to this beautiful European style home.

A special added touch over the sink in the adjoining Butler Closet
Many thanks and best wishes to home owner, Nancy and her family, in their new "Old World" home in the beautiful Avellino Estates on Pine Lake in North Lima, Oh. Her charm and vision made my job a pleasure.