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The Story

Glass Tile Mosaic - Dogwood


Their large magnificent home is a marvel of contemporary architectural design. Every area has a design element that surprises and delights and every surface is interesting using the best quality materials known. The wife wanted nothing less for her personal dressing room/ private bath. This particular area, however, reflected her and her alone. Her personal attention and feminine sensibility resulted in a clean, beautiful, tranquil space that reflected her tasteful, thoughtful, simple elegance and sense of style.

Artists Initial Rendering

Artists Initial Rendering
The mosaic was for a wall in the owner's private bath. I encouraged her to "dig deep" and think about imagery that reflected who she was or what she loved. It was Spring and the dogwoods were in bloom. Not only did she choose an image that reflected her environment and the beauty all around but her own lovely elegance and beauty within. Good Job!
Gorgeous colors of iridescent glass tiles were chosen along with antique reflective silver. I printed the 7' x 4' dogwood design for a guide then began cutting and laying out the tiles.
I had to use a lot of imagination transforming a soft touch photo into glass tile mosaic. The imagery and the materials were so beautiful that I loved every minute making each shape and shadow sparkle and come to life in beautiful Italian glass.

Fusillo Flooring master craftsman, Dave Frisbie

Finally, all the tiny pieces were securely taped up, separated, and made ready to get delivered to the job site for installation.
I was so excited when the mosaic was mounted in it's special private space along with the unique beautiful miniature glass tiling that surrounded it. Later, I hand grouted each area with different colors of grout enhanced with sparkling metallic pigment.
The Finished Product
This is me!
Very few homes have as much care and thought put into them. Thank you again for the priviledge of being a part of it. We wish the owners many years of health and happiness in their beautiful new home!

owner, Pete Johnson, Merle Bouffard, Tom Colarich,
JC & Allison (not shown)
Special Thanks

All would not be possible without the beautiful materials, workspace, and help from Architectural Ceramic Products (Summitville Tile)