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My customer had a beautiful lakefront home filled with exquisite contemporary furnishings and art. Her dining room was surrounded with floor to ceiling windows that opened to her beautiful view. Her sleek contemporary chairs were upholstered with a black and white leaf pattern. She had everything but a table to complete the room. Fortunately, she found me on, admired my work and decided to entrust me with the design of her dining room table base. After several design options, she chose a sleek and simple wave design finished in a high gloss black laquer enhanced with stainless steel, white marble, and silver and mirrored glass. The result looks amazing! Perfectly complementing the space, the environment, the contemporary decor of the home, and the artistic sensibilities of the owners. Once the glass top was installed, the room was complete with an elegant dining room table that is not only functional but an exquisite piece of art.



Initial Artist Rendering



Digital Design

Each project is designed and represented digitally so that the client can see almost exactly what their piece will look like once it is created and installed. This piece turned out to be more beautiful than we even imagined!

Andre Silver
With the help of master craftsman and cabinetmaker, Andre Silver, we designed a shape that would not only fulfill the artistry of the design but would more importantly be stable enough to hold the glass top.
Andre began the process by building a mock-up sample to test the design.

We used the mock-up to test the stability of the shape from all angles.

The final base was built using special materials that were flexible enough to negotiate the extreme curves. The stainless steel elements were added. It is now ready for paint. Great job Andre!!
The high gloss black laquer finish was a challenge but the result was perfect and amazing!!
Now it was my turn to give it the finishing touch with elements of white Carrera marble, stainless steel, silver and mirrored glass.

Gorgeous!!! The pieces fit in perfectly adding interest, elegance, and contrast.

Crated and ready to go to it's lakefront home!
Beautiful! The table base is perfect in the room and looks like an elegant and beautiful piece of art. Once the glass top is added the owners will finally have the dining room they dreamed of and have been waiting for. Many thanks to the owners for their trust and allowing me to be part of this wonderful project!