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Character Analysis- Explanation of Imagery

The colors in this composition are a blend of cool blues and turquoise, purple, deep ruby and fiery reds. These colors could best describe Samantha. Her feelings are deeply felt. At times she is calm, cool, and collected. Then at the next moment she may explode with passion about something that is on her bright and active mind.

The background imagery is from her "Talus", the scarf she wore at her bat-mitzvah. It not only represents Samantha's spiritual nature and beliefs, but also represents her diligent and accomplished scholastic efforts. Samantha is a very bright and hard working student.

Samantha is beautiful, healthy, active, and athletic as is represented by the tennis racquet in the upper right hand corner.

Lucky, Samantha's beloved pet, is always at Samantha's side. She reflects Samantha's very loving and nurturing nature.

Samantha is a hard worker and has a great work ethic. She has worked at Handel's Ice Cream since she was very young. The circular ice cream scoop subtly emerging from the bottom left corner represents the diligent, competent, and responsible worker that Samantha is.

Samantha has a clever and creative imagination. She is an artist and a published writer. The poem on the bottom left is about her mother and what she means to her. It perfectly expresses Samantha's warmth and emotion and her loyal, abiding, love of family.