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Character Analysis- Explanation of Imagery

The predominant and most obvious element in this personality montage is musical. Leigh is blessed with a remarkable singing ability and music pervades her life. The small grayscale image in this painting was when Leigh was eight years old at her first recording session.

The background pattern is from fabric that Leigh bought on a cross country trip she took with friends inspiring her to later move to LA. It represents Leigh's confidence to explore the world and take risks with an optimistic view of life. The statue on the right is from a trip to Bali also representing her love for travel and adventure.

Near the center of the composition is a piece of art that Leigh created. It is a landscape done in pointillism. It represents that Leigh is artistic and creative and is very conscientious about her work.

Her puppy, Matata, is shown to reflect Leigh's warm and nurturing nature.

I painted Leigh's image with an excess of yellow and golden tones. Leigh is radiant and full of energy and lights up a room when she enters it.

Leigh is not afraid to confront and deal with issues. The smaller image was chosen making it obvious that Leigh is healthy, beautiful, and sexy. Her expression perfectly portrays her independent attitude, confidence, and charm.