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9/11...Never Forget
A collaborative mosaic tribute from Community Artworks.
Trumbull Art Gallery - Warren, Oh.

32 artists contributed to form a large scale image of the New York skyline on 9/11.

Now on display at the Youngstown/Vienna Airport

Section #5 is mine.

“Eye Cried”
I was numb, stunned.
I struggled desperately to grasp the reality and
consequences of what my disbelieving eyes were witnessing.
I could not have imagined the events to follow
but deeply I knew the world was changed forever and that I
would never feel safe again.
All I could do was stare
with helpless overwhelming sadness... and cry.

32 artists were given 18" x 18" canvas' with a general line or two and a basic pallette of color. With that we were free to create an image that expressed our personal interpretation of what the attack of 9/11 meant to us.
Everyone met with their finished canvas' in July. It was the first time all the parts were seen together. It was interesting to see each unique expression of what 9/11 meant to each individual artist.
The challenge now was to make a cohesive unit of all 32 parts to create a recognizable larger image of the New York skyline on 9/11.

The Great Unveiling!!

On 9/11, 2011 The 9/11 Project was revealed at TAG (Trumbull Art Gallery) in Warren, Oh. Fifteen artists were present for the unveiling.

Susan Jacobs

President & organizer of Community Artworks
Warren, Oh

Merle Bouffard

Great Job to Susan Jacobs and The Community Artworks!

It was an honor to be a part of such a meaningful tribute to the events of 9/11 2001.

For more information

please contact:

Merle Bouffard
phone 330 540-6501

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