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Metal Sculpture - Main Corridor

Metal Sculpture - Main Corridor
Roth Bros. Inc. (, a leader in energy conservation services, chose the talents of Youngstown Architect, Robert Mastriana of The 4M Company, to remodel their corporate headquarters. To reflect the company's growth and success, the objective was to transform the plain structure into an upscale facility with a focus on design, art and the formation of work environments that would stimulate creativity and productivity in the employees. In the main corridor, Robert desired to create an exciting andinteresting effect by suspending a flowing metal sculpture beneath the backlit skylight. He enlisted my expertise to design the sculpture utilizing metals representative of what Roth uses in its own manufacturing. With the help of Shop Manager George Kiraly and the Roth Fabricating Department, the main entrance hallway is now one of the most interesting areas within the now beautiful Roth corporate complex.

Jim Vestal & Charlie Colantone of Roth's own fabricating dept. did the installation as we carefully and artfully wove together each piece.
  Original hallway

Original Design Mock-Up
I used mesh and aluminum to design each shape with placement to avoid sprinkler heads and allow for maximum light.