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Blue Heron Sculpture

Blue Heron Sculpture
Blue Herons are regular visitors to Evans Lake in Youngstown, Ohio. Lake front homeowners wanted to bring the beautiful elements of their lake into their entryway with this multi-media Blue Heron sculpture. Materials include: Etched and painted lightweight Aluminum, Steel with patina, Copper with metal stain, Wooden dowels and sticks, & Italian glass mosaic.

With weight and scale in mind, the Blue Heron was constructed using multiple layers of reflective light weight aluminum. Each piece of aluminum was etched in feather patterns creating movement, depth, and reflectivity. Transluscent & opaque color defines shapes, shadow, and detail.
The intense and distinctive face of a Blue Heron contrasts against a rising moon. The moon is created using blackiron steel colorized with metal patinas bringing out deep rich shades of copper, turquoise, reds, and gold. The movement and colors of the lake are represented in mosaic using iridescent Italian glass mosaic tile.
The cattail grasses are cut from copper. Each piece is colorized using metal stains creating it's own individual work of art. Wooden dowels and sticks were rounded and painted to create the cattails.

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Best wishes to everyone "Living the Dream at the Lake"!