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Blue & Antique White Marble Mosaic
This homeowner's eye and attention to detail was evident in every element of their newly built home in Canfield, Oh. Her backsplash was to be the finishing touch and focal point of her kitchen and main living area. She chose an elegant XVII century organic pattern to be created in a rare and beautiful blue and antique white marble. The soft fluid lines flow beautifully with the graceful curves and peaceful nature of this classic art inspired kitchen.

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The Story

Digital renderings are provided for design and approval prior to every project.

After the mosaic is created, the pieces are secured by tape on the front and a firm mesh adhered to the back making it safe for transport and easy installation.

Expert installers, Eric Lindsey and Dave Frisbie (Fusillo Flooring)
prepare to lift the mosaic into place.
Because of it's size and weight, this mosaic was divided into three parts for easier installation. With the mosaic in place it will soon be ready to grout.


This home is truly magnificent. I am thrilled and honored to have one of my mosaics as such an intregal part. Many thanks and good wishes for many years of happiness to this beautiful young family in their spectacular new home.