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White Carrera Marble Mosaic Backsplash
This beautiful new home with a golf course view was beautifully designed and decorated in every way. The finishing touch was the kitchen backsplash. The owner chose a simple yet complex geometric pattern made with grey, taupe, black and white Carrera marble. The colors perfectly blended with the neutral tones of her decor yet provided a dramatic impact and interesting vocal point to the entire open floorplan area. This was one of my favorite Marble Mosaics to date.

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The Story

Digital renderings are provided for design and approval prior to every project.

Mosaic in progress
After the mosaic is created, the pieces are secured by tape on the front and a firm mesh adhered to the back making it safe for transport and easy installation.
Many thanks and good wishes for many years of happiness to the owner of this beautiful new home.
Marble and Materials provided by Architectural Ceramic Products (Summitville Tile)
Expert Installation by Fusillo Flooring