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Glass Mosaic Rug

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"Strength and Meaning" Mosaic

In an effort to provide quicker and better imaging services, Ed Muransky - CEO of The Surgical Hospital at Southwoods, created the new Southwoods Imaging Center recently opened in Boardman, Ohio. Ed's concept was to offer the most advanced screening and diagnostic technology available while providing a patient environment that focused not only on world class treatment but how patients are treated personally. I was thrilled and honored when Ed and his wfe Chris commissioned me to create two works of art for the Women's Health area in their new facility. Women's Health Navigator Daryle Moore, RN, BSN impressed on me an attitude of comfort and caring and the desire for a spa-like environment. With that concept in mind I aspired to create not only beautiful works of art but something that would comfort and inspire those who encountered them. The resulting works included a stunning 7'x7' Italian Glass Mosaic set into the floor upon entry and a "Healing Tree" in the reception area.

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Made with shimmering, iridescent Italian glass, this mosaic not only provides a stunning entryway but also includes a meaningful and inspiring dialog to those who encounter it.
Imagery and Meaning
The triskelion represents many things including personal growth, spiritual expansion, and the three phases of womanhood: Maiden, Mother, and Matriarch.

The Celtic Symbol of Strength

The Celtic Symbol of Strength represents aspects of the ancient Celtic Goddess. The inner loops represent self-worth, self assurance, and self control.

The Sun symbol is used to represent the endless supply of energy that you have. It reminds you that it is alive, renewable, and constantly available. The Sun contains your highest information, your healing powers, and your humor.
The Lotus represents life, struggle, and overcoming adversity. The Lotus begins in the murky mud at the bottom of a pond eventually emerging into the light as a beautiful flower. Like the Lotus, find inner strength and beauty as you face hard times and overcome obstacles.
The Healing Tree is a symbol of enduring strength and protection. It's life giving, nurturing energy promotes recovery from illness, stability, shelter, security, good fortune, and blessings from nature.

Special Thanks to the efforts, materials, and services of
Architectural Ceramic Products, and Joe Fusillo (Fusillo Flooring)

Dave Frisbee (Master installer)