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The use of glass as an art form in mosaic dates back as far as the 2nd century BC. No other material can match the quality, versatility, iridescence, and variety of colored glass tile.
The glass I use is imported from Italy and is the finest quality available. All colors and degrees of opacity are available. All orders are priced per project.
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Stations of the Cross

This project was very special to me. I was commissioned by Architectural Ceramic Products for St. Jude Catholic Church in Columbiana, Ohio to create The 14 Stations of the Cross in glass mosaic.

This project took over a year to complete. It was a blessing, an honor, and the most challenging project I have ever done.
Each 18" x 24" mosaic mural had to capture the emotion and the overwhelming religious significance represented in each scene depicting Jesus Christ on the day of crucifiction.

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Liturgical Text to accompany each scene.


Calla Lily
This glass mosaic is one of my favorites and one I made for my own guest bathroom. I love its elegant simplicity with subtle & nuanced shading using iridescent white, ivory, antique silver, gold, and copper metallic glass tile.

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This Frank LLoyd Wright inspired glass mosaic

was a challenging study in detail. Tiny pieces and multiple colors of Italian glass formed the intricate patterns of leaves, vines, and floral moss delicately woven together
providing a stunning, dramatic backdrop to my own home bar.

"Strength and Meaning" Mosaic
Italian Glass Mosaic installed in the Southwoods Imaging Center, Boardman, Oh.

CLICK HERE - For more images and an description of the
symbolic meaning of the imagery

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Roth Bros. Corporate Office Logo
Glass Mosaic

Roth Bros. Inc., wanted to enhance their newly remodeled corporate conference room with a piece of art.Their logo included background imagery of a subtle and beautiful view of the earth at night. To represent that I used iridescent glass mosaic using an uneven, texural mounting technique to enhance reflectivity, relief, and motion. The letterforms are a brushed aluminum.

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The Eastwood Mall Equarium

Click here to see more images and
The Story of the creation of The Eastwood Mall Equarium Mosaic from start to finish!
This home was beautifully decorated in contemporary style. A touch of casual was added in the sun room with bamboo and rattan tables.
Tops were needed that would not only compliment the tables but would combine the casual feel she wanted with the contemporary elegance of her decor.
A beautiful, simple design made with Sicis Italian Glass Mosaic from their Natural Collection was the perfect solution and a beautiful finish to a stunning home.

My customer wanted to surprise her husband with a special custom feature in her newly remodeled kitchen.
The upholstery she picked for her chairs and drapery had a beautiful floral design on a dramatic black background.
We decided to use that theme for the backsplash.
The result was a jewel-like work of art adding just the right blend of drama and elegance to her kitchen.
P.S. - Her husband loves it!!!


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Eleni's Mermaid
A beautiful young family building their dream home wanted to surprise their 7 year old daughter, who loved mermaids, with a special personal feature in her bathroom.
We designed it with imagery that she would enjoy at 7 as well as into her her young adult life.
This beautiful & exotic young mermaid looks relaxed in repose draped across the "E" of Eleni's name looking off into space with faraway dreams.

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These were glass mosaics istalled into the wife's personal bathroom in one of the most spectacular homes in Youngstown.
The floor has a gradating "Herme" inspired marble mosaic. Featured on the water closet wall and shower floor are Dogwood glass mosaics
representing the owners love of the flowers that bloom profusely on her property in spring

Dogwood Mosaic Shower Floor Mosaic Shower Floor installation
4' x 4'

Dogwood Mosaic
3.5' x 7'

Click here for more images and The Story of how The Dogwood Mosaic was created from start to finish!

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Blue Heron
Italian Glass Mosaic

This mosaic was a challenging study in fine, tiny detail in glass

18" x 36"
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