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Metal Sculpture - Outdoor Water Feature

Roth Bros. Inc., a leader in energy conservation services, obtained the talents of Youngstown architect, Bob Masrtriana to remodel their corporate headquarters to reflect the companys' growth and success. Bob's goal was to tranform the plain structure into a contemporary and upscale facility with a focus on design, style, and art. In the center of the office structure was an employee courtyard with a water feature at the end. Bob hired me to design a work of art that would add interest to the wall. My goal was to create a contemporary piece of art that incorporated the Roth logo using using the hot rolled steel and perforatted stainless used in their own manufacturing. Metal patinas produced amazing color tranformations on the steel after which a heavy clear coate enhanced the color while protecting the finish from the elements. With the help of George Kiraly, shop project manager, the installation was complete creating a peaceful, balanced and artistic atmosphere to the Roth corporate courtyard.

Original space