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As part of a downtown revitalization of Youngstown, Ohio, the Erie Terminal Place was transformed into furnished, mixed-use apartments with retail, restaurants, and an art/reception gallery located on the first level. Owners, Dom & Jackie Marchionda (NYO Property Group) wanted signage that would make a dramatic & artistic statement for the Gallery while reflecting the historic nature of the former train terminal and the city of Youngstown.

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A 2' x 8' piece of blackiron steel floats over an elevated black board with lighting behind. Letterforms are satin cast Aluminum.

Steel is streaked with copper, red, gold, and torch-like blue patinas bringing out rich, deep exquisite color.
Lighting from behind identifies the floating elevations reflecting and casting shadows on the letterforms below.

The best designs are often clean and simple yet have impact and meaning. My goal was to create updated contemporary signage to reflect an urban art gallery but at the same time respect the historic nature, color, and architecture of the building. Because Youngstown, Ohio, "The Steel City" is so historically connected to the steel industry, I thought that using steel secured with rivet-like bolts was the perfect material to achieve the look and significance we wanted. The steel is streaked with copper, red, gold, and torch-like blue patinas bringing out rich, deep exquisite color. The steel was then sealed with protective automotive clear coat. The high gloss finish enhanced the color and added a contemporary touch to the design. The cast aluminum logo, beautifully designed by graphic artist Sarah DelliQuadri, and letterforms contrast nicely against the dark backdrop. The final touch was lighting. I wanted the lighting to efficiently display the letterforms but in a glamorous and interesting way. Tape lighting (Coventry Lighting) was attached around the inside of the backboard identifying the floating elevations. The light reflects off the letterforms while casting shadows below adding an interesting artistic element to the nighttime display.


Original digital representation with elevations.
It took a lot of thought and effort istalling such a heavy plate of steel as well as the precise measuring for the letterforms, lighting, and much more! Many Thanks to John Fitch, Herb and the great constuction crew at NYO Property Group. Great Job!!