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"Tree of Life"
Glass Mosaic/ Metal & Glass Sculpture

I was given the privilege to design and create a feature in the main lobby of a newly built assisted living facility. Owners, Karen Naffah & Diane Reese, along with interior designer, Rita Santon (Coventry Lighting) created a decorating theme throughout with comforting earth tones and expressive but peaceful images and elements of nature. They wanted to reflect that theme with a large and impressive feature to greet residents when they entered the main lobby. We arrived at a literal but expressive design of a tree on a background of beautiful reflective Italian glass mosaic. The tree sculpture consisted of several pieces of steel colorized with patinas and pigment. The leaves are steel covered with Italian glass mosaic combined with copper leaves individually hand painted and colorized with metal stains. The result was a spectacular yet tranquil scene. I hope the residents of the IronwoodAssisted Living facility in Canfield, Oh. will enjoy their "Tree of Life" for many years to come.


Main lobby of Ironwood Assisted Living in Canfield, Oh
Tree Sculpture with logo Letterforms in Entrance Alcove

Original design laid out in cardboard
Steel pieces before patina Steel based leaves with Italian Glass mosaic

All parts laid in place and ready for installation


First to go up is the Italian Glass Mosaic background installed by tile master, Dave Frisbie
Fusillo Flooring
Master welder, Jim Pence welds the steel parts together and installs the tree into place.
The result is a spectacular reflection of nature and art.